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Get ready for the sixth annual UCLA Volunteer Day! 2014 marks the sixth anniversary of this giant day of Bruin service.

This year, first year freshmen and transfer students will join together with continuing undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, staff, alumni, parents, and community members to visit more than 40sites across greater Los Angeles. Reaching out to every city council district, volunteers will give service at K-12 schools, food banks, parks, shelters, veterans’ facilities, and neighborhood centers. 


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Who can participate in UCLA Volunteer Day?
UCLA Volunteer Day is open to all new undergraduate Bruins, and is a part of the tradition of True Bruin Welcome. New students living on-campus will be given more direction from the Office of Residential Life, and additional information can be found on this FAQ. New students living off-campus are also welcome to participate in Volunteer Day, and should sign up to reserve their spot at Off-Campus New Student Sign-Up.

Continuing students, graduate students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, and community members are encouraged to get involved as a Project Leader, Task Captain, or Service Liaison. Learn more about these leadership roles at Be A Volunteer Day Leader.

What is the schedule of the day?
Volunteer Day service projects will take place for about three hours between 9:00am and 12:30pm. Because we need 125 school buses to transport Bruins from UCLA to the community partners and back, we borrow school buses from their normal school routes and therefore have a limited amount of time that we can spend with each community partner. Volunteer Day is just a taste of Bruin service; hopefully, you will find a community partner through your service project or this website where you would like to serve in an on-going basis!

For on-campus new students: Bruins will wake up floor by floor to get ready for a day of service with their floormates. An express breakfast will be served at three dining locations between 7:00-9:00am, and your ORL staff will direct you on which dining hall your floor is assigned for the morning. Be sure to grab and eat your breakfast – you’ll need it for a big morning of service! From there, you and your floormates will make your way to a loading zone to hop on a bus to a community partner. Once you arrive home to UCLA after your service project, you and floormates can head back to the Hill for a special extended lunch.

For off-campus new students: Off-campus new Bruins have a special check-in area , where we welcome you to join us to check-in, grab and eat some light breakfast snacks, and board your bus to your Volunteer Day project. You are responsible for your own transportation to UCLA and lunch. Transportation/parking options can be found at the UCLA Transportation and Parking website, and you can find a variety of food options in Westwood or at one of ASUCLA’s many on-campus restaurants.

What do I wear and bring for Volunteer Day?
The following items are extremely important to bring/wear on Volunteer Day:
  • Closed-toe shoes: Many community partners will not allow you to participate, or even get off the bus, without your toes being covered. Leave your flip-flops, sandals, and heels at home – you’ll want some sturdy sneakers for these service projects.
  • Water: Bring a full, refillable bottle of water with you to the service site, as many locations are outdoors and you’ll want to stay hydrated. Water will be provided at all sites, but you’re encouraged to bring your own to supplement our supplies.
  • A full belly: Volunteer Day can be an exhausting day of feel-good service, so be sure to grab whatever you need to be full and happy when you arrive to the buses. If you are a coffee drinker or like to eat a big breakfast, be sure to do that on your own – a limited light breakfast will be available, but only you know your own needs!
  • Volunteer Day t-shirt: A light blue Volunteer Day t-shirt will be given to all volunteers. This shirt is a gift which we hope you will wear at other service projects as a Bruin, but also helps to identify you to community partners. Wear it with Bruin pride!
  • Flexible clothing: You and your clothes may get dirty, so please wear something you wouldn’t mind getting ripped, stretched, painted, or muddy. Leave your purses and extra items at home, although a small pack for your water, sunscreen, and camera is advised.
  • Sun Protection: It might be a very sunny day in Los Angeles in September, so bring a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and other sun protection in case your site is outdoors.
  • Camera: Capture your first service project as a Bruin and send your photos to!
For additional ideas, visit What To Wear & Bring To A Service Project.

Who are the people in yellow and royal blue t-shirts?
On Volunteer Day, you’ll notice volunteers alongside you in bright yellow and royal blue t-shirts similar to your light blue volunteer shirts. If you have a question, these are the folks to ask!

Yellow t-shirts: These people are Project Leaders and Task Captains, who have designed your project from start to finish with the community partner. They are responsible for ensuring a well-run project and helping you with your service tasks.

Royal blue t-shirts: Service Liaisons are undergraduate students and ORL staff who are there to help you on your service journey. Think of them as “service ambassadors” who know all about the service needs of LA and student service organizations you can join after your Volunteer Day experience.

Learn more about these leadership roles at Be A Volunteer Day Leader, and think about which role you may want to choose next year!

Where will I serve on Volunteer Day? What will I be doing?
125 buses will depart from UCLA on Monday, September 29, heading to more than 40 community partner sites including K-12 schools, food banks, parks, shelters, veterans’ facilities, and neighborhood centers. Learn more about the projects and volunteer assignments at Volunteer Day 2013.

Do I get to pick my service site?
Due to the logistics of organizing more than 7,000 volunteers on one day of service, we cannot offer new student volunteers a choice of service site. You will be serving alongside your peers, either other new students from your floor/building, other new transfers, or other off-campus freshmen. The purpose of Volunteer Day is to give you a taste of Bruin service and to introduce you to a community partner you may want to learn more about and continue to serve.

How can I suggest a site for Volunteer Day?
The UCLA Volunteer Center is always looking for community partner suggestions for Volunteer Day, One Bus, One Cause, and other programs. As of June 1, site suggestions are no longer needed for UCLA Volunteer Day 2014, but please continue to send in your site ideas for next year and other initiatives at Suggest A Site.

How many people participate in UCLA’s annual Volunteer Day?
On Monday, September 29, 2014, more than 7,000 Bruins will spread across Los Angeles to perform service work at more than 50 community partners. This includes more than 6,500 new student volunteers joining together with about 600 continuing and graduate students, staff, faculty, alumni, parents, and friends.

On Tuesday, September 22, 2009, UCLA Volunteer Day launched with more than 4,600 volunteers at 8 community partners around Los Angeles. In its second year on Tuesday, September 21, 2010, over 6,000 volunteers spread to 22 community partners. Tuesday, September 20, 2011 reached more than 7,000 volunteers at 26 community partners. Tuesday, September 25, 2012 marked the largest year yet, with more interactive projects at schools, parks, shelters, veterans’ sites, and others across the city; more than 6,200 volunteers participated at 52 community partners.

How can I get involved in service after Volunteer Day?

How can I become a sponsor for Volunteer Day?
Major volunteer programs require major resources. With your investment, we can serve our community, teach students about involvement and leadership, cover the cost of transportation to service sites, and provide supplies for service work. Consider a monetary or in-kind donation to the UCLA Volunteer Center and Volunteer Day.

Make a tax-deductible donation to the UCLA Volunteer Center online

Email to learn more about needed in-kind support (buses, food, water, muralists, t-shirts, supplies) as well as individual and corporate sponsorship.

Who sponsors UCLA Volunteer Day?
UCLA Volunteer Day is generously sponsored by a variety of campus partners and foundations. Visit to learn more about our supporters.

Are UCLA staff/faculty eligible for time-off for Volunteer Day?
Volunteers who work at UCLA are encouraged to ask their direct supervisor or Human Resources about time-off for Volunteer Day. Because Volunteer Day takes place on Tuesday from about 7am-2pm for leaders, volunteers must check in with their own department to see if vacation, comp, or other leave can be used to participate in the day of service.